As Shadows Fall…

as shadows fall_Aug17“I knelt down and touched the fetid mud. The police hadn’t bothered setting up a murder containment scene, the rising tide would have obliterated anything useful. And every square foot of London is of interest to some business concern or another. Bodies like our sad little victim are an embarrassment that can affect the selling price of the office building or waterside apartments in their portfolios. There’s an unwritten, unspoken understanding about such things that they are forgotten about, as if they never happened.
Except murder leaves a stain on the fabric of the world, and people like me can see it.”

As the latest of a string of young murder victims is brought into the mortuary at Hammersmith in London, pathology technician Gideon Hartford sets out on a mission to stop the perpetrator. But there’s more to these crimes than meets the eye. There’s more to Gideon as well, far more than even he knows.

Gideon relates his tale from a rooftop above London. How he comes to be there is learnt throughout; from the London of the depressed 30s, the Blitz, through to the present, the years of his mysterious past unfold as he recounts how he pursues the killer. Or is the killer pursuing him? His revelations of this alternative view of the Capital are dark and shocking, for beneath the rushing feet and self-absorbed lives of the people of the city is a world unknown, where living shadows rule, presided over by an ancient elite whose power stretches back into antiquity.

Part detective procedural, part contemporary urban fantasy, ‘As Shadows Fall’ introduces us to a new and addictive anti-hero, the latest to tread the time-honoured streets of London.

As Shadows Fall’ – the new detective thriller/dark contemporary fantasy – out in paperback and on other major retailers soon.



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